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Our ethos is driven by the pursuit of perfection and the passion for design, detail and quality. We are renowned for creating the absolute in ‘added value’, consistently expanding the boundaries of design, functionality, quality and delivery.

Each and every sumptuous home is individually bespoke; characterised by an unrivalled discipline for creative design, microscopic attention to detail and the desire for total satisfaction for each and every client. Landmark remains at the forefront for luxury homes.

We have no set design style and work from the sleekness of the extreme contemporary to the stately charm of the ornate classic; enabling every project to be individually tailored to each client’s needs. We are dedicated to creating the most luxurious properties in the most desirable locations. We have no preconceptions and start with a clean palette each and every time. Each home is utterly bespoke and has its own identity and unique character with elegance and beauty.



We specialise in bespoke-designed luxury homes with classical elegance and style that incorporates modern construction and technology.

Each house is designed to achieve the highest possible degree of quality with meticulous attention to detail. Time is taken to ensure that every design is painstakingly considered to provide the best possible result.

We maintain a direct and personal relationship with all of our clients, craftsmen and suppliers, and have an uncompromising desire to create the highest quality that fulfils and exceeds expectations.

The greatest possible accolade repeatedly given to our business is the expressed satisfaction by our clients and personal recommendations extended by them.



Landmark offers a single-source service, with absolute accountability for both design and construction, eliminating the potential for conflict between the professional team and the contractor – we are a dedicated team with one aspiration.

We have total responsibility for delivering a project, integrating design with functional performance, whilst effectively controlling costs and programme, which amounts to a complete turnkey approach.

We offer a confidential, proactive, honest, pre-acquisition advisory service to our potential clients, bringing together the wealth of professional experience and knowledge within the team. 


Family Room

From the initial conversation to the receipt of the keys to your wonderful new home, Landmark will professionally manage the entire process on your behalf, allowing you to be involved as much or as little as you desire.

Our personal and adaptable approach can be tailored to suit your needs, whether that is maximising the value of your asset through commercially-conscious development or delivering your dream family home.  


Millwood Site Plan
Silverwood House

We are experts at realising the potential value of a site and exploiting all of the opportunities that it presents. As part of our commitment to our clients, we will offer our knowledge and experience to aid the acquisition of the land, if necessary. For existing land or homeowners, we can offer our professional creativity and commercial acumen to produce designs of distinction and architectural merit, both of which are synonymous with our brand.


After the agreement of terms, we can arrange and facilitate a full suite of surveys and investigations that will be required for the planning application to the Local Authority, identifying the key features that will inform the design.

The formation of the design brief will extract vital information about the client’s aspirations; required accommodation, aesthetic styles, budgetary considerations, specific design criteria and the potential end use, to name but a few.


From this information we can create outline sketch proposals to initiate more purposeful discussions, although we have an unerring ability of interpreting our client’s vision from a very early stage. The later amendments continue to refine and perfect the design. 

With the design finalised, we would submit the planning application to the Local Authority. Depending on the location of the property, we would also submit the required information to the Residents’ Association for their approval. The application process would take somewhere in the region of eight to ten weeks.

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