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We believe the creation of exceptional homes can only be achieved through unerring and meticulous attention to every detail, at every stage, from initial design to finishing touches, finely tuning to perfection harmonising form with function.

Every home we create bears testimony to this ethos, resulting in elegant, individually designed homes where quality and craftsmanship are crucial to meeting the expectations of our discerning customers.



In our designs we apply inspiration to fulfil aspirations - specialising in the creation of the highest quality houses that have an elegant, visual balance - a quality that gives added value to every development, creating bespoke designs that are tailored to lifestyle, aesthetic, and budget requirements.


Quality is of greater importance to us than quantity: we only work with the finest materials and superior craftspeople and devote ourselves to a select group of commissions enabling a very close attention to detail.



Established for over twenty five years, we have earned a coveted reputation for the design and creation of bespoke new homes on behalf of private clients.


Tailored to our client’s lifestyle, aesthetic and budgetary requirements, each home we design and build are subject of our boundless creativity, attention to detail and application of craftsmanship throughout.


This culminates in a new home of significant added value that is as wonderful to look at, as it is a pleasure to live in. Our positive working relationship with local planning authorities enables us to successfully gain planning permission, culminating in a new home for our clients to live in or simply to realise the development value.

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